In the past years, job site radios have transformed from low-quality devices to highly reliable and quality devices that every worksite should have. The market prices of the tools have increased as well but due to the improvements in quality and this is a good course. Compared to radios used years ago, the current ones are bigger in size and better in performance. This article will give you tips and features you should look for when purchasing a job site radio. Read on.

High-Quality Sound

high quality sound job site radioA quality job site radio must be of good sound and should have various range of audible tones. This is the first thing you should look at when buying the radio. Always go for the best in quality. To get the best sound judgment, visit the store and listen for yourself. We can all tell a good sound. In addition to that, the radio should have an equalizer. Last but not least, it should have subwoofers. Note that, the subwoofers are not available in all job site radios. It is an added feature and the designs with it are more expensive.


First of all, you should select a radio with powerful batteries. The longer the batteries can last the better. The batteries should be rechargeable and should charge well too. Radios that can charge their batteries are the best because if you find yourself without a charger, you will still have a way out. The chargers are important tools as well, and they should come with the radio for the best services.


clear sound, job site radioDepending on your traveling plans, the radio you choose should be lightweight. It is only this way that you can easily move it from one place to the other.  Standard radios are between 15 and 25 pounds. Well, this might be heavy to carry around, but luckily you can get smaller sizes if need be. Some weigh as little as 5 pounds. Thinking about other features like sound quality, the heavier ones have better sound.

Audio Inputs

This is another important feature to look at, many radios have one auxiliary port, which allows you to play music from your other mobile devices or Mp3 playing devices. Some job site radios accept USB devices. Well, this is not a major feature, but it will not hurt to have it.