Nowadays many people use a gadget in their daily life, be it for checking their work, social media, or reconnecting with friends. Although it is convenient to use a smartphone for our daily lives, we have to remember to replace it every now and then, and there might be a question popping up when you think about replacing your new phone. Usually, people replace their phone every two to three years, but some might change for other reasons as well. In this article, we have written some reasons for you to buy a new smartphone, consider reading this article to find out more about it.

Your Phone is Broken Beyond Repair

repairThere are accidents such as dropping your phone, or perhaps it gets drenched in water rendering it completely useless. If the repair fee will cost a hole in your wallet or will cost like a new smartphone, why not consider buying a new one instead of getting it repaired?

Note: In case your phone gets drenched in water, consider putting it in a bag full of rice for the first step of getting all the water out from your phone.

Your Phone is Running Slow

When you feel like your phone is starting to run slow, perhaps it is time to change your phone, even when you’re only doing simple things such as checking social media or sending emails which shouldn’t be too demanding on today’s smartphone. If you’re a gamer and you feel like every game that you play feel slow on your smartphone, then perhaps it’s another perfect indicator for you to change your phone to a newer model.

Your Phone is Running out of Storage

The first reaction when you said that your phone is running out of storage is to buy an external SD card, but that can’t solve the internal storage problems. Although files such as pictures, music, and videos can be transferred to storage, you can’t install or move apps on your SD card, which won’t solve your storage problem when you have a lot of essential apps that are necessary for your phone. Newer models nowadays offer bigger internal storage which means you can download many apps on your phone without any problems.

Your Phone’s Battery keeps Running Low

gadgetIf you feel like your phone’s battery keeps running out when you need it the most, then it is time to change your phone to a newer model. You can think of getting a replacement for the battery, but most phone nowadays has a non-removable battery.

Although it is possible to get it replaced, it is illegal and will void any warranties you have so consider getting a new phone instead.