Technology: Various Components of an E-Cigarette

Most people are now moving from using the conventional cigarettes to the advanced e-cigarettes. Thanks to technology, the e-cigs are now at advanced levels. Apart from the ordinary e-cig pens, the vape mods are also available and have numerous benefits as compared to the traditional cigarettes.

For people to enjoy any e-cig, various components have to play a part. In this publication, we will make you understand all that is needed for an e-cig to function and give you the high vapor that you will enjoy.

The E-Juice

e-cigApart from selling the e-cig or vape mod itself, the other most selling part of this package is the e-juice. People go for different types and flavors depending on what they prefer. The e-juice also comes in different nicotine levels ranging from none to strong.

As a matter of fact, the various options in e-juice is what has made all the difference between the e-cig and the ordinary sticks. Some people who like to explore some cocktails can get the supplies needed for mixing DIY e-juice from various reputable sites for the same.

The E-Juice Tank

Apart from the e-juice itself, the vape mods and e-cigs will need a tank to hold the liquid. Actually, this is one of the determinant factors of how sophisticated the device is. The latest e-cigs are bigger than the first generation e-cig pens, and they come with bigger tanks. While some will only take 3 ml, others will take double or triple that amount. Bigger tanks save the users the hassle of refilling, especially if they are heavy vapers.

The Battery

For an e-cig or mod to operate, it must be powered, and this is where the battery comes in. They are the once that are used to charge the atomizer. Batteries come in different sizes and powers depending on the brand of e-cig and its overall size. Some of them are rechargeable while others are single-use batteries. Investing in a good battery will prevent disappointments like failure to start when you need to vape.

The Atomizer

e-cigaretteThis element is responsible for the heating and burning of the e-liquid to produce the vape that one desires. The atomizer chamber has elements or coil made of different materials depending on the quality of the device. Some atomizers are known to have high resistance while others have low resistance like the sub-ohms.

However, each will determine the level of vape and throat hit one is going to enjoy. The experienced users should go for the sub-ohms while starters are better with high resistance atomizers as they produce vape with a low throat hit.

Other Features

The sophisticated vape mods and e-cigs, especially those that are being produced at the moment are bigger and have more features. The safety feature ensures nothing goes wrong even when one is a bit careless on how they handle their device. Some also come with a highly customizable digital screen to regulate vapor thickness, temperature, and many other customizations.

Therefore, it is crucial to make some considerations when buying the vape mode of your choice. The above components will help you to know what you really need to enjoy the experience, whether you are a starter or a seasoned vape mod lover.…

Modifications and Options for Vapers to Evaluate for Best Results

The nicest thing about e-cigarettes is that consumers have the power to make their vaping experience. You can do so by varying the features of your instrument to fit your intentions. Many options exists depending on the desired flavor and cloud formation while vaping. Some features come as standard even for beginners while others need you to at least know your way around the industry. Finding the right features from reputable vendors is also important. Thus, as a buyer, you must practice due diligence. Here are some considerable modifications and options to evaluate as a vaper.


materialThe Coil

Coils have a replacement period that vapers must adhere to if they want the best experience. A good sign is the product of fewer vapors than usual to affect satisfaction levels adversely. Coil replacement may be possible in RDM options, but in the tank design, it is a little difficult. You have to consider getting a whole unit with a different coil when you use a tank. Luckily, you can avoid the problems by ensuring that you pick the right coil in the first place. Shopping at reputable suppliers with sufficient information about different coils can save you trips to the shop for replacements.


The Wire Materials

Wires in vapers are for controlling the wattage. There will be different sizes from the thinnest to the thickest. The different sizes affect the resistance they provide. The thick ones have high resistance while the thin ones have low resistance. The low resistance translates to slower ramp-up time while the higher one does the opposite. The types of wires also affect the coil’s features. Stainless steel can work temperature control and wattage control. However, kanthal and nichrome are only for wattage control. Most shops stock kanthal and nichrome. Kantal which are available to use for vaping in straight wattage mode.


Wattage and Voltage

When switching between brands and models of atomizers and cartomizers, you might also need to consider the wattage and voltage of each instrument. Some e-cigs have an automotive variable wattage, and they will range the resistance level of the e-juice device so that they offer the right power output. Thus, you get a smooth experience without the need to make these decisions individually.


vapeWhat would be the Ideal Setup?

Going for a box mod vaporizer such as the ipv4s could be the idea feature in using e-cigs. A box mod is big and has a box structure. It lets you have the batteries, atomizers, and tanks of different sizes. Thus, you get almost unlimited options to range your experience and try out new flavors or techniques for vaping. You can even tune the sensitivity of your taste buds when you are developing vapers tongue. It is a condition arising when you fail to detect a difference in your favorite flavor. The continuous variation of the feature in the box mod vaporizer ensures you never get to that dull state. Some features to expect in the setup include regulation of temperature control, adjustable wattage and power, total tank customization and sub-ohm vaping.…